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Photographer Creates Amazing Surreal Portraits Featuring Wild Animals

A young Moscow based fine art photographer, Katerina Plotnikova, is creating ripples across the blogosphere with her breath taking  and unique take on animal and human connection. She brings the two creatures together in her surreal and magical photography. Her fairy-tale inspired works recreate the long-lost bond between animals and human beings.

Plotnikova’s work is unusual in the case because of her selection of animals and with their tender and careful interaction with the humans which makes the entire photograph a work of art. However, the best part is that all the animals are shown in their true, real selves. The photographer makes her wild ideas come true with the help of animal trainers as well as professional and dedicated models.



The contrast of the wild, feral animals and their fragile, almost frail looking human partners make the scenes look mysterious, mystical and whimsical, reminding all of the fundamental affinity of all living creatures.