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A 60-Foot Sliding Rock in North Carolina

This natural mountain slider attracts thousands of visitors every year in Pisgah National Forest, North Caroline during the summer season. A natural waterfall runs over this 60-foot slider-rock and splashes into 8-foot deep pool in the midst of this forest. People wait anxiously for their turn to slide over the rock, into the pool, and then swim few feet across to get to the shore.

Usually 11,000 gallons of water passes over the rock in every minute but the site is closed when water level gets high or during lightening in the sky. The pool is eight-foot deep that means you need to know how to swim but don’t worry; there’s a lifeguard appointed by the authorities along with a restroom and a changing room. If you’re planning to visit this awesome site, here’s the location on Map (or just type Sliding Rock near Pisgah National Forest, Brevard, North Carolina, United States in Google Maps)

Source: zacktravel