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Color Photographs Taken Prior the Invention of Color Camera

Prokudin Gorsky [1863-1944], a Russian chemist and photographer,  is considered among the pioneers of color photography. His first success took place in 1901 when he used three different pictures taken via red, green and blue filters and reconstructing them with the appropriate light resulting in a color image. Although it looks exactly like a color photograph but technically it was  a combination of three monochrome negatives. Some of his most famous images are listed below. For more details and his works, visit Wikipedia.

Alim Khan, ruler of Bukhara taken in 1911

Prison in Uzbekistan, Picture taken in 1907

City of Perm, 1910

Prokudin-Gorsky, Self-portrait on the Korolistskali River, 1915

Greek women and children harvesting tea in Chakva, Georgia 1910

Austro-Hungarian POWs in Russia, 1915

Young Russian peasant women, Kirillov, 1910


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