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5 Most Beautiful Underwater Creatures that are Transparent

1. Salp

Salp has remained a center of attraction for researchers for many years. This beautiful yet strange underwater creature is abundantly found in Southern ocean near Antarctica.

Image credit: cinar.org

2. Glass Frog

As the name indicates the frog gives a transparent glass resemblance. The abdominal part of the frog is transparent exposing its digestive system and also heart beating to the naked eye. The frog is covered with lime green skin. It is mostly found in Amazon and Orinoco River basins.

Image: dareyonline.com

3. Transparent-Headed Fish

Watching this fish, first thing that would strike your mind is a fighter plane cockpit. It has a transparent head and unique eyes that can completely rotate within the transparent box on it head. In a way they can see what’s on top of their head. The fish was first discovered in 1939 and is mostly found in dark shadows.

Image: nationalgeographic.com

4. Amphipods

The animal is mostly found in Antarctica and North Atlantic. It varies in size from 1 millimeter to 340 millimeters. There are more than 7000 species of this animal classified in different suborders, having the ability to survive in almost every aquatic environment.


5. Transparent Jellyfish

One of the most delicate and beautiful creation of God, transparent jellyfish resembles an alien spaceship. From to the Arcapodema genus, the transparent jelly fish has a size of 2.5 centimeter. It is mostly found in Antarctic region.

Image: nationalgeographic.com